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Creating Future Shark Ambassadors and Defenders of the Environment.

We acknowledge that in the absence of healthy local community development, our business would not be sustainable, let alone responsible. For this reason we devised a business model which uplifts the local Masekhane community by providing equitable employment and social support at grass roots level.

One of our more recent projects is the Masekhane White Sharks Projects Swop Shop, which trades on Tuesday afternoons and caters to the needs of children in the surrounding Masekhane community. The children collect recyclables such as plastic tins, bottles, toys, etc which earns them points. The children are then able to exchange these points for necessities such as soap, stationery, second hand clothing and food basics, plus a few toys and luxury items if they save their points till they can be afforded.

The success of the initiative is evident by the queues of children who excitedly wait outside the shop long before the 2pm opening time and the delight on their faces when they leave with their precious purchases.

Not only does this system provide much needed augmented support for the community, it reduces the scourge of litter and entrenches a habit of caring for the environment at an early age. In this manner, shark conservation is seen in a positive light, which ultimately results in a sense of ownership and commitment to the cause.

White Shark Projects won 'Best Recycling Pucblic Education Award'




The shop relies entirely on donations. You can make a difference by volunteering or by donating stock for the shop. Both South African and international volunteers are welcomed. The work is immensely fulfilling and enriching.

If you would like to learn more about the Swop Shop and our volunteer programme, please contact Charmaine on 076 245 5880.

Keeping the shop stocked is an ongoing challenge so donations are always welcome. The most popular items are calculators, felt pens, soap, face cloths, trousers, shorts, torches, pencil crayons, t-shirts, pens, pencils, warm jerseys, tooth brushes, tooth paste, notebooks, storybooks, and stuffed toys.

Please contact us if you are able to donate via Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

21 Days for the Ocean

As the human population continues to surge, so does the impact we have on our environment. Now more than ever it is our responsibility to be responsible. Enter the 21 Days of the Ocean.

This blue initiative is our annual awareness campaign which serves to educate the communities of the Cape Whale Coast on how they can be more responsible, despite their age or economic status. For 21 consecutive days, White Shark Projects shows how some of our daily, and seemingly innocent activities, negatively impact on the ocean. Our campaign reaches the community through educational talks at schools, radio interviews, social media drives, beach clean-ups, competitions, fundraisers and basically any creative idea we conjure up. But this is definitely not a blame and shame campaign, we also educate on how they can easily and effectively change their ways, which ultimately will save them money and our seas too.

The 21 Days for the Ocean also has an ulterior motive: To make the inhabitants of the Cape Whale Coast fall in love with the ocean again. Living in this beautiful area, people have become accustomed to having the blue of the Atlantic as the backdrop to their urbanite activities and they tend to take it for granted. Economically, this area relies upon the ocean. Being an area where the Southern Right Whales and the Great White Sharks congregate, it is pivotal that we respect, love and preserve our Ocean. And it is like Jacques Cousteau said: “People protect what they love…”

South African Shark Conservancy

The South African Shark Conservancy (SASC) is based in the picturesque and historic Old Harbour of Hermanus. They are and NGO dedicated to research, conservation and education in the Walker Bay area. White Shark Projects is a very proud funding partner of SASC. Together we have an amazing symbiotic relationship, assisting each other with various projects and outreach initiatives. White Shark Projects volunteers visit SASC on a regular basis where they receive invaluable information and hands-on experience with numerous, lesser known, but by no means less awesome, shark species. 




Food made with love, shared amongst the community

Every day, our loving cooking crew, makes dozens of nutritional sandwiches which we offer to our clients on board Shark Team, to sustain them during their diving adventure. But, on most days, our clients are just too excited and they completely forget about the sandwiches. Gansbaai has two very impoverished communities, Blompark and Masekhane. When we have these freshly made sandwiches returning from the boat, untouched, we take it to two different places, where these sandwiches are truly appreciated, like manna from heaven. In the community of Masekhane, there lives a very special lady who looks after 7 of her grandchildren. And in Blompark, there is a safe house for children whose parents are alcoholics or drug addicts and the children were removed from home for their own safety. We alternate between these two safe havens, and helping each a sandwich at a time…




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