Recycle Swop Shop Blompark

KatMyburgh is the name of the generous man who was the area manager of Overstrand Municipality until he retired in February 2023.Riana de Coning is ward councillor of Blompark and together with Glenda Kitty of Gansbaai Tourism bureau they were able to bring White Shark Projects 2nd Recycle Swop Shop to life in April 2022.

White Shark Projects needed a container unit to place somewhere in the Blompark area of Beverly Hills in Gansbaai. This area is closer to the ocean and was in much need of assistance through educating its children and local community. Jessica Smit CEO of White Shark Projects was promised a container as a donation from a former builder in the Danger Point area during 2020. When she had a look at the container it was rusted with holes and needed some serious TLC. Jessica had absolutely no idea who could help renovate the container let alone relocate it.

She decided to approach Glenda Kitly who made her an appointment with the infamous Kate Myburgh. Kat explained to Jessica that he always admired what White Shark Projects had been doing in the community of Masakhane for the past 16 years. Kat had dreamed about having another Recycle Swop Shop in the Blompark area to assist the neediest. Jessica approached the owner of the container who had decided he had changed his mind about donating the container.

He now insisted we hand over a staggering R10,000 rand for it as he figured we would be making money from it. If he only knew that this was far from the truth. With the ball already rolling with the municipality and with a heavy heart during lock down Jessica paid the R10,000 over. With the budget now been at all time low she explained to Kat Myburgh the situation. Kat insisted on supporting White Shark Projects on its mission and told her he would make a plan. In the space of one month Kat had found a spot the container could be positioned which was in the corner of Black Leaves Sports Field. This area was perfect! It was close to the schools and near enough for the children at the Beverly Hills area of Blompark to get to.

Kat and his team laid the foundations on the sports field and had the container relocated to this spot. They we able to close all the holes, sanded off all the rust and painted the outside. From there the White Shark Projects team renovated the inside and with the help of a local carpenter they put shelves up. Jessica then needed to go to the schools and local churches to let them know what was happening and what the children had to do. Her and her team handed out flyers to the schools so the children could also explain to their parents.

On the 1st April 2022 the Recycle Swop Shop was born and opened its doors to hundreds of children all waiting with their bags of recyclable material. The whole of White Shark Projects team was there along with Glenda, Kat, Riana and Carlo Pieters, the community liaison officers. We were also assisted by Gansbaai SAPS and the head of child protective services Julia Barlow.

We have been running this Recycle Swop Shop for over a year now. In our first year we have supplied over 4000 children and young adults in our community with vital necessities and school supplies.