White Shark Projects Team

Our 18 staff members are trained to the highest of standards set by SAMSA. Their range of qualifications enables them, as a team, to effectively co-ordinate activities around our varied shark life. These include:

  • Excellent service delivery
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Research
  • Social Upliftment Projects
  • Ocean Defenders Youth Club

White Shark Projects Team

We are committed to working in harmony with our natural and social environment. The expectations of clients are met by excellent customer service, good value, and operational efficiency. Our crew and staff are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise. They have decades of hands-on experience with a passion for one of the ocean’s greatest predatory forces. Our knowledgeable and efficient boat crew operates with the benefit of 30 years’ experience in shark research, conservation and ecotourism.

Social Upliftment

Social development is as important to White Shark Projects as conserving the sharks and our marine environment. Without healthy development in local communities, our business is neither responsible nor sustainable. Our commitment to social upliftment goes further than providing equitable employment; it extends into the social fabric of the local Masakhane community