Shark Cage Diving with Bronze Whaler Sharks

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Bronze Whaler Sharks Bronze Whaler Sharks are another big predatory shark species we have around the South African coastline. They are large sharks growing up to 3.5m in length or sometimes even close to 4m as recently recorded in the local area. Their name is derived from their color, being a bronze-grey color. The whaler part comes from the whaling [...]

Meet the Bronze Whaler Shark

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Bronze Whaler Shark - Interesting Facts Gansbaai, South Africa has one of the most unique and diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. Although, the area is famous for the mighty great white shark, there are also other incredible shark species here. As well great white shark sightings, another species that can be observed from our cage diving vessel, Shark Team [...]

Shark Internal Anatomy – Part 1

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Shark Internal Anatomy – Part 1 We all know that sharks are pretty amazing, but why? What are their secrets? Well, let’s find them out today and explore a shark’s internal anatomy Cartilage Sharks are fish that have no bones, only cartilage. Cartilage is flexible and durable, yet it is about half the [...]

Sharks of Gansbaai

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Every year tourists flock to Gansbaai (The Great White Capital of the World) to cage dive with the infamous great white shark. However, this area is rich in biodiversity and great white sharks may not be the only shark species you see around here if you look hard enough. White Shark Projects believe that education is key to aiding conservation, [...]

About Great White Sharks

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Great white ID Quite simply, great whites are grey on top with a white underbelly – for perfect camouflage from above and below. The white belly blends in with the sky and the dark back blends in with the rocks below. Great white addresses Great whites swim the oceans of the world. Concentrations, or 'hot spots', are found in the temperate [...]

Shark Vision Facts

2018-09-28T07:25:47+02:00|Categories: Shark Facts| Effective up to 25 meters 10 times greater than humans in clear water Eyes very similar to humans – cornea , lens, retina, iris, pupil Contains rods and cones so can detect colour and see in low light – new research (2011) shows not all sharks have the same cones cells, bull sharks cannot see in colour. Tapetum lucidum [...]

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