Dining in the Overberg

The Overberg region is one of South Africa’s best hidden secrets; an area offering diverse landscapes, a wonderful climate and magnificent scenery as far as the eye can see as well as a myriad of outdoor and adventure activities. If you have had the privilege of visiting this beautiful region, you will agree that a…Read More

Meet the Bronze Whaler Shark

Gansbaai, South Africa has one of the most unique and diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. Although, the area is famous for the mighty great white shark, there are also other incredible shark species here. As well great white shark sightings, another species that can be observed from our cage diving vessel, Shark Team is…Read More

A Green New Year

2020 is fast approaching and it is almost time for those New Year resolutions. A new year is always the perfect opportunity to change undesirable habits and create personal goals. Quite often these end up being about fitness, relationships or money… but how about making a resolution that helps our planet and in turn our…Read More

Southernmost Tip of Africa

Here in Gansbaai we are lucky to be situated only an hour away from the southernmost tip of the African continent at Cape Agulhas. As well as being  the southernmost tip of Africa, the International Hydrographic Organization have also determined the area the meeting point for the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. Cape Agulhas offers spectacular…Read More


A generous spirit of giving often needs a channel and direction in order to be effective. In the travel sector, tourism businesses in destinations and operators in the value chain can often fill this role in a way that results in meaningful contributions to local development. In this vein, Gansbaai-based White Shark Projects has been…Read More

50,577 Swop Shop Visits in 11 Years!

As the new year is only just around the corner, it is time to celebrate the the 3076 children who visited our Recycle Swop Shop during 2019. ♻️ This gives the Swop Shop a grand total of 50,577 visits from children in the past 11 years! A massive thank you to all the children who…Read More

10 Interesting Facts About the Great White Shark

Gansbaai is the best destination in the world for shark cage diving. Gansbaai may seem like any other small South African town, but driving to the shoreline reveals a fleet of boats lined up at the harbour. These operate daily, weather permitting, taking travellers out on epic shark cage diving experiences. Only a strong cage…Read More

Small Shark Project

Throughout the year, White Shark Projects team have been tagging small shark species as part of the Oceanographic Research Institute’s Cooperative Fish Tagging Project (ORI-CFTP). All the data White Shark Projects collects goes towards the ORI-CFTP and helps to conserve South Africa’s fish resources. In addition, the project gives White Shark Projects volunteers an opportunity…Read More

Overstrand Applauds UNESCO Award

The thrilling news that Overstrand Hermanus was recently awarded UNESCO Creative City status for Gastronomy is a feather in their collective cap and a tribute to the many people who are so passionate about the region. It is one of only 10 cities worldwide to be recognised by UNESCO for Gastronomy in 2019; what’s more…Read More

Buoyancy Control

White Shark Projects has had the privilege of being able to record great white shark sightings in Gansbaai, South Africa since 1989. Being one of the largest predatory species of shark, it always amazes us how gracefully these sharks seem to glide past our cage diving vessel, Shark Team. With the recent sightings of some…Read More

Stranger Sharks

Halloween is that time of year where we tell tales of ghosts, ghouls and celebrate all things spooky. So, with this in mind, we are introducing you to a few strange but awesome shark species that dwell in the deep sea. 🎃🦈 Goblin sharks The goblin shark is a deep sea species from the Mitsukurinidae…Read More

Volunteer Experience

Here we have 22 year old Dax Koopmans from the Netherlands talking a little bit about his experience while participating in White Shark Projects volunteer programme…   If you are interested in joining White Shark Projects volunteer family – please contact volunteer@whitesharkprojects.co.za  To keep up to date with our latest volunteer activities follow White Shark…Read More

Independent Woman

Sharks never cease to amaze us. There are over 400 different shark species and scientists are continuously learning new things about these incredible ocean creatures. One species in particular that managed to stun biologists from all around the world – is the zebra shark… The zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) is a species of carpet shark.…Read More

Shark Anatomy – Part 2

Those of you who read our last blog will know how amazing sharks are! The way the skin works, the gills, the teeth and a lot more! But what about the internal anatomy of a shark? How does that work? Are white sharks really “cold-blooded” killing machines or are they “warm-blooded” gentles? Let’s go from…Read More

Shark Anatomy – Part 1

We all know that sharks are pretty amazing, but why? What are their secrets? Well, let’s find them out today! Cartilage Sharks are fish that have no bones, only cartilage. Cartilage is flexible and durable, yet it is about half the normal density of bone. It allows them to go up and down quickly in…Read More

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