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Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai – Best cage diving in the world!

We are a world leading organisation that focuses on the conservation of sharks and the ocean. We do this through responsible tourism and research. We are involved In film, conservation, education, diving and viewing. We have numerous accolades and have won awards for  the best Eco Tourism and social upliftment projects In the whole of South Africa.

As the most successful operation globally, White Shark Projects has logged the most contacts with Great White Sharks in the world. We pride ourselves on our rate of contact and ongoing contribution to the conservation of the species and their environment.

In the  here and In the now you will be surrounded by experts In the field. We have the highest quality facilities and resources to observe a variety of South Africa’s sharks and marine life within their natural environment.

The data we have collected is crucial to understanding and supporting their conservation value and status.  We actively provide public education and awareness In our struggle to maintain balance In our oceans.

So Why Not Join Us?

Shark Cage Dive Gansbaai
Shark Cage Dive Gansbaai


Exceptional, professional and personalised service is our number one priority.  With extensive industry related knowledge makes White Shark Projects the sustainable choice for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will captivate your imagination!


Continental breakfast at our ocean view lodge
Snacks and water are available on board
Guided talk on the sharks we see during the cruise
All diving equipment is included
Light lunch is served on your return to shore
Luxury shower facilities at our lodge on return
Dive experience certificate awarded to all divers


WHAT IS INCLUDED2020-12-22T18:36:25+02:00
  • Fully sterilised wet suit for each person – nobody will get a ‘wet’ wet suit.
  • Fully sterilised mask and footwear for each person.
  • Marine Biologist and videographer on EVERY trip.
  • Pre, during and post departure safety measures put in place.
  • Boat is fully cleaned with jet wash and sterilisation after each trip.
  • Sanatising stations located throughout the vessel with quick and safe washing facilities.
  • The biggest most luxorius onsite facilites on the harbour – 6 walk in spacious showers and a large ladies powder room with 4 hair dryer stations. Separate mens urinal with a double sink plus 6 spacious toilets.
  • Disabled ramp access to the front of the building with its own separate toilet and shower facilities.
  • All dietary requirements catered for.
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One of Planet Earth’s ancient and seemingly invincible apex predators, the Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) has made headlines and struck fear into the heart of many a lesser mortal over the centuries.

However, being sensationally depicted as an indiscriminate killing machine, this has led to their survival being unfairly persecuted and threatened.

Thankfully, research and education is changing opinions by revealing the vital role that the Great White Sharks play in maintaining the health of our oceans. In addition, the ongoing discoveries of their unique characteristics help them garner increased respect worldwide. It’s difficult not to be intrigued by a gigantic sentient torpedo, which has backup reserves of razor edged teeth lined up in rows.

That’s where we come in. By being in the field and providing the necessary facilities and resources to observe the Great White Shark in its natural environment, White Shark Projects gathers data which is crucial to understanding and supporting their conservation, in addition to providing improved public education and positive close range engagement. As the most successful operation globally, White Shark Projects has logged the most contacts with Great White Sharks in the world, year in and year out. We pride ourselves on our rate of contact and ongoing contribution to the conservation of the species and their environment.

YOUR SHARK DIVING EXPERIENCE2020-10-08T15:08:25+02:00

Designed to accommodate both divers and non-divers, you can be assured of safety and a once in a lifetime experience.

Meet us at our Dive Lodge in Kleinbaai, where the day will begin with a tasty continental breakfast and a safety briefing on current sightings, indemnities, wet suits and equipment.

Our crew will then welcome you on board our custom built 36ft, 4 tonne catamaran, “Shark Team”. Although she has a passenger capacity of 36, we limit passenger numbers to 20, offering a more intimate experience and providing greater comfort and increased viewing capability. You will be accompanied by our intrepid skippers, a Dive Master and support crew.

Once we’ve reached our diving location and dropped anchor, our crew will create a scent trail, while you patiently await your electrifying first glimpse of the iconic fin breaking the water’s surface.

No dive is ever the same, so we can never predict what will happen once we are on site nor how many sharks we will see. Great Whites are incredibly nomadic and if you consider that there are less than 5000 of them left on our planet, even if you only see 1 shark on your dive, you can count yourself very fortunate.

Back on deck you will be able to observe shark activity which occurs close to the water surface. Lunch boxes containing a variety snacks will be on hand for you to enjoy at leisure, with soft drinks and juices offering added refreshment while you bask under South Africa’s legendary sunny skies.

After about 3 hours out at sea, you will be ready to return to shore where comforting soup awaits you, giving you a chance to regroup and share the day’s experiences before being driven back to your meeting point.

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HOW CHUMMING WORKS2020-10-08T15:09:11+02:00

Chumming is often misunderstood and is one of the key topics of contention when it comes to the shark cage diving industry.
Ever since the first settlers started calling Gansbaai home in 1811, it has been renowned for being a Great White Shark hotspot, a whole 181 years before the cage diving industry was even conceived.
Gansbaai’s popularity with Great White Sharks is due to the 60 000 Cape Fur Seals breeding on Geyser Rock, which lies 8km off shore.
Shark Alley, a 150m wide channel that runs between Geyser Rock and Dyer Island, has the perfect topography to allow for the ambush-style hunting tactic sharks use to hunt seals.

Great White Sharks are very successful predators and it is in part thanks to their perfect camouflage. Their grey topside allows them to blend into the background of the ocean floor and seals swimming at the surface looking down, won’t see them.
Great White Sharks have a perpetual presence in the waters surrounding Shark Alley, but in order for us to view them, we need them to come up to the surface.
We do this by scenting the water with fish chum. The shark’s impressive olfactory senses pick up this scent and brings the shark up to the surface where we are able to view it.
Scenting does not lure sharks to the area, but only intrigue the sharks already in the vicinity of the boat.
First and foremost, it is important to note that chum is not food, it is simply the smell of food that attracts white sharks to our boat. Imagine if you please, an oily, fishy perfume slick that floats on the surface, creating a smell trail for the sharks to follow – this is chum. Sharks are very cautious animals and without the smell of food they are not likely to come close enough to our boat for anyone to see.  With the aid of chum, we are able to bring white sharks, which are already in the area, up to the surface layers of the ocean and close enough to the boat where divers can see them from the safety of our cage.  Without the smell of chum white sharks would more than likely not pay any attention to the shark cage diving boats operating in Gansbaai.

Another important fact to note is that great white sharks are nomadic creatures and are continuously on the move, travelling long distances throughout their lives. Gansbaai does not have a resident population of great white sharks, but rather a dynamic flux of sharks continuously moving through the area.   Current research being conducted here in Gansbaai suggests that the great white sharks spend less than 1% of their time in the vicinity of shark cage diving boats.  If sharks were as motivated by chum as people believe, we would have a much easier time finding them and keeping them around our boats (which is certainly not the case). As soon as the shark’s curiosity has been satisfied and it realises there is no food, it swiftly loses interest and moves off. The sharks in this area come and go as they please with or without the presence of chum in the water.  Proof of this is the fact that on some days, regardless of chumming, no sharks will pitch-up.

Having worked in this area for quite some time, it is our opinion that the low number of shark incidents, is a testament to their intelligence as great white sharks are inshore predators and share waters common to bathers and divers on a daily basis.  There is a popular surf spot, less than 1km West from where we anchor and there has not been a recorded shark attack. To the East we have a popular holiday resort where beachgoers flock in the surf during the summer holidays, sometimes obliviously swimming just meters from Great White Sharks. These sharks’ survival hinges on the fact that they are cautious, incredibly elusive and selective hunters.  It is easy to put the blame of a few accidents on shark cage diving. However, overfishing of some of their natural prey and our ever-increasing presence in their natural environment are additional factors, albeit inconvenient ones, that may need to be considered.


All necessary diving and safety equipment is provided. All you need to bring is suntan lotion, a cap and sunglasses, a warm jersey or jacket and swimsuit. Motion sickness medication if required, should be taken before we depart to ensure that your adventure is not spoilt. And don’t forget your camera. Remember to bring spare camera batteries too.


We welcome all enquiries and encourage participation from non divers and experienced divers alike.

Catering for shark cage diving and surface viewing from our 36 foot, custom-built white shark dive catamaran is a privilege that White Shark Projects has enjoyed for many years.

To ensure client comfort on board there is a limited capacity of 20 passengers. All your dive and safety equipment is included. There is first aid and a life raft,as well as toilet facilities on board.

Shark Cage Dive Gansbaai – Close Encounter

I like the approach this outfit takes – education, conservation and letting the sharks come to the boat instead of chasing after them. We saw 3 sharks, 2 of which came right up to the boat.

Hamilton, Canada

Excellent experience, Excellent service!!

More than a year ago, I was unlucky, in that, on my trip, I did not see a single Shark! White Shark Projects kindly gave me a voucher for a return trip within a year from then.They extended this to allow me to have a truly memorable experience! This time I saw plenty of Sharks

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A perfect day!

Then the dive was really secured and managed by a very friendly team , even the skipper was helping everyone he could! We stopped at sea and waited an hour – there were fruits, sandwiches, cool drinks, water, towels available to us. The wetsuits were clean and dry and when the sharks arrived, they made sure to tease it to the boat but not feed it, very professional.

Cape Town, South Africa



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