Recently articles have been surfacing in the media on the absence of great white sharks in the Cape Town area.

Here at White Shark Projects in Gansbaai we are delighted to say that we are not experiencing the same absence of sharks. In fact, 2019, and especially the last 4 months, have given us some of our best shark sightings and activity since 2016.

It is no secret that during 2017 and 2018, Gansbaai, like False Bay, had periods with reduced or no shark activity due to the appearance of two orcas which were nicknamed Port and Starboard. However, with these two infamous orcas remaining unseen in the Gansbaai area since November 2018, our great white shark activity has steadily become better and better!

We have now, much to the excitement of our lucky clients and crew, been seeing great white sharks on each trip and want this great news to spread.

On top of these incredible shark sightings, we have been lucky enough to encounter many big (4m+) females within the bay – which is a sight NOT to be missed!

Below are just two of those 4m+ females which we have been fortunate enough to see in the past few weeks.

Meet Big Momma and Ranebo!

If you’re in the Western Cape and have great white shark cage diving on your list, then come through to Gansbaai and witness these majestic animals for yourself with White Shark Projects.

To keep up to date with shark activity in Gansbaai follow White Shark Projects social media pages.

Written by Tom Slough
Marine Biologist at White Shark Projects

Published 30th August 2019


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