Smell Ya Later!

Here in Gansbaai, South Africa we are lucky enough to see one of the oceans ultimate apex predators – the great white shark. One of the reasons great white sharks became a top ocean predator is due to their highly adapted senses. Sharks have the same five senses as us humans….but they also have two…Read More

Breaching Bronzies

Summer in Gansbaai is known for its calm sea days and easterly winds bringing in the colder water temperatures. However, this summer we have had far more westerly winds which made the water much warmer and incredibly we have been reaching water temperatures of 22oC . This warm temperature woke up a lot of Gansbaai’s…Read More

Thyme at Rosemary’s

One of White Shark Projects main aims is to create awareness and show companies and individuals the small changes they can make to help reduce their environmental footprint. Recently we asked the businesses in the Gansbaai area what changes they have made to reduce their impact on the planet. The outcome was amazing with many…Read More

In Search of a Dream

“Not all those who wander are lost”. I start with this line written by J. R. R. Tolkien, as like me Tolkien spent most of his childhood growing up around Birmingham, dreaming of more. But also, like Tolkien Birmingham is not where I spent the first few years of my life. In my opinion those…Read More


White Shark Projects is an environmentally conscious company and are committed to reducing the impact we have on the planet. One of White Shark Projects main aims is to reduce our environmental footprint and as a result we are the first plastic free cage diving operator in the area. We also strive to create ocean…Read More

Wild Seas

The White Shark Projects team all have a passion for sharks and the ocean. If it was our decision, we would take clients out all day every single day…. But it is not up to us. Mother Nature is the boss at sea and we rely on her bringing us the right sea conditions to…Read More

What Goes Up…Must Come Down

One of White Shark Projects aims is to raise ocean awareness and show the small changes we can make to our lives that will help make our oceans healthier. As the New Year is almost upon us and the world is getting ready to celebrate, we are thinking of ways to celebrate while preventing further…Read More

Nicole and her amazing journey

I’m sure most of you are aware that Great White sharks are a highly migratory species and have been known to travel vast distances. Here in South Africa our Great Whites are known to travel from areas such as Gansbaai in a North-East direction up the coast of South Africa, in to Mozambique and even…Read More

Jurassic Shark

Even though White Shark Projects has been running for nearly 30 years, each day is different and each day has new surprises in store for us. On the 6th December 2018 White Shark Projects crew were astounded when an unusual species came up to our cage diving vessel, Shark Team, while we were on anchor…Read More

Great White Shark Vulnerability

Why are certain Great White Shark populations potentially on the decline? Great White Sharks as we know them are about 16million years in fossil records. They are nearly perfect in so many aspects (sensory systems, body shape, power, tooth regeneration, the list goes on!) however certain populations are potentially declining why is this? However perfect…Read More

Gentle Giants

Every year, southern right whales travel all the way from the Antarctic to the coasts around South Africa. These gentle giants start arriving here roughly around June specifically to mate and calf. Once the calves are big and strong enough to make the long journey, the mothers will take them back down to the Antarctic,…Read More

The Importance of Sharks

Why are sharks so important? This is a question many people ask. The importance of sharks and the roles they play in the ocean are often unknown by the general public and therefore attitudes towards sharks and protecting them are quite negative. So, lets break this down and provide some answers as to what sharks…Read More

Perceptions Continued: The Power of a Photo

Following on from my previous blog on the perceptions of great white sharks and the influence of media on the general public’s opinions of these animals. I thought id carry on with a small blog displaying the power of photography. Most of us have a love and an instant affection for dogs (‘a mans best…Read More

Perceptions of Great White Sharks

How do you see the Great White Shark?? When most people hear the word SHARK, a shiver (funnily enough the term for a group of sharks!) runs down their spine. I believe this is because since children we have all been fed one thing when it comes to sharks and that is FEAR. From the…Read More

White Shark Projects Recycle Swop Shop

White Shark Projects, founded in 1989, is renowned for its dedication to the conservation of our oceans. White Shark Projects as a company also feel that it is important to support our local communities. So 10 years ago we come up with a community based project that supports the community whilst helping the environment. In…Read More

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