Throughout the year, White Shark Projects team have been tagging small shark species as part of the Oceanographic Research Institute’s Cooperative Fish Tagging Project (ORI-CFTP). All the data White Shark Projects collects goes towards the ORI-CFTP and helps to conserve South Africa’s fish resources. In addition, the project gves White Shark Projects volunteers an opportunity to learn species identification, animal handling and tagging skills.

Last Thursday was a particularly amazing afternoon snorkeling at De Kelders, Gansbaai. Not only was it a beautiful sunny day but we successfully tagged an incredible 99cm long pyjama shark as well as a 66.5cm long leopard catshark. Later on that day, the team also tagged another leopard catshark and two dark shysharks at another site in Kleinbaai.

Here are some wonderful highlights from the day’s activities:

The tagging of South Africa’s endemic species is important because there is little to no data on population trends and due to small habitat range these animals are particularly vulnerable to both human and environmental pressures.

Read our blog on small sharks to learn more about the species we are focused on tagging.

Interested in experiencing South Africa’s unique marine wildlife for yourself? Volunteer with us!

By Georgina Vermeulen
Marine Biologist at White Shark Projects

Published 25th November 2019

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