Following on from my previous blog on the perceptions of great white sharks and the influence of media on the general public’s opinions of these animals. I thought id carry on with a small blog displaying the power of photography.

Most of us have a love and an instant affection for dogs (‘a mans best friend’). When scrolling through social media sites we are always come across cute photos of our furry friends which is the way we see them and love them on a daily basis. Check out these cute little pups..

Enough to make many peoples hearts melt!



Now if I were to do exactly what is done with sharks to these beautiful little dogs its easy to show just how easy ones view of an animal can be manipulated by a photo capturing a split second shot. Check out the difference…

 Not quite the same awwwww inspiring photo!



So basically what I’m trying to get across is that there are certain animals that naturally people connect with cute, adorable creatures that bring a smile to the face with just the mention of a name and others that are the stuff of nightmares. This is often in my opinion to do with how we see these individuals across media on a daily basis. Like I said in the previous blog, the photos that ‘sell’. Staying on the doggie theme for now it is very easily portrayed with these next 2 species:


This is how these 2 species are commonly portrayed over the internet, and therefore have a very bad name and reputation to those who have not had the pleasure of having one as a pet.

Speak to those who have had one of these species as a family pet and you’ll get the response that these photos show:


A loving, faithful highly misrepresented dog… Sound familiar…?!


How we see white sharks, compared to how they’re often shown:



Tom Slough,
Marine Biologist at White Shark Projects

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