Be the change you want to see in the world. We’ve all heard this phrase. It makes us think a better world and of the possibilities that could be achieved if we all lived by this motto. But then in the back of our minds is the voice telling most of us “I’m just one person, what good can I do on my own when so many others don’t care..” and so the dream fades away and we carry on the way we always have and the problems continue.

Then there’s those who don’t…

At White Shark Projects we have the advantage of meeting passionate people daily, especially via our Volunteer Programme, where people from all over the world come to spend  extended time with us.  Amongst these volunteers that I was privileged to meet there is a German couple that stands out.  I met them in 2017 when they volunteered with White Shark Projects, and since then I have been inspired by every milestone they have set and reached.  Their enthusiasm is contagious,  their message continues to reach more people and communities.  Let us take a leaf from their book, let me and you be the change we want to see in the world.

Meet Michael and Marina and their baby Ozeankind!

Michael and Marina are in our eyes, two very special individuals who decided to stop thinking and start doing!

In 2016 Ozeankind was born. Michael and Marina were in an Indian Ocean paradise, falling deeper in love with the ocean every moment, yet having this love tainted by the heart-wrenching sights of the pollution that was around them and the place they loved so much. Something had to be done and so they decided to quit their normal lives with comfortable jobs, an apartment, a car and other luxuries and focus on a way to make a change.

In their words “It’s our wish that our children, as well as all the children to follow can enjoy at least the same beautiful blue planet we have enjoyed and which we have loved so much.”

Since 2016 and the selfless actions of Michael and Marina, Ozeankind has now nearly 12,000 followers on social media, collected and removed 36,000Kg of trash from our oceans, beaches and forests, started community projects and educational projects with children. They really are an inspiration of what can be done when we stop and put our minds to something, we believe in.

White Shark Projects wants to thank Michael and Marina for not only the amazing work they’re doing with Ozeankind but also for the generous donation they made towards our own recycling initiative White Shark Projects Recycle Swop Shop that we run in the local township of Masakhane.

Michael and Marina are now just like they wanted to be, Role Models. Not just for the future generations but for all of us. For all ages, from all walks of life. We have the power to make a change as Michael and Marina are doing. Follow Ozeankind, where they are, what they’re doing and help in any way you can.

It can be anything from changing some of your daily routines, organising a clean-up in your town/city/village or donating to Ozeankind and the work that they’re doing.

Start by checking out their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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