It takes a whole team to ensure our clients have the best possible experience! Working in an environment where you know your team members have your back does not only create so much confidence but also brings great job satisfaction. Over the next couple of weeks I will introduce you to some of these amazing people I am fortunate to share my days with.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S Truman


Grant is our highly trained & experienced Captain. He had his first shark cage dive nearly 20 years ago, and it completely changed his life. He left his pressured life as a paramedic for a more fulfilling life out on the sea, where he could be involved with the Great White Sharks. Grant believes that the only way to save these amazing creatures is through fostering greater awareness about them. He has undertaken over a 1,000 shark trips, yet he is still thrilled to spend every day out at sea. He is also our Health and Safety Officer and ensure that we are compliant.

Grant, as described by his crew:

“I learn something new every day working with Grant. Whether it’s something historical, nature based or even sports, he is a walking encyclopedia! His calm demeanour out at sea in any situation makes me feel comfortable and safe.”


Noma-India has a smile the size of the Indian sub-continent and the most infectious laugh! She enjoys preparing good food for our clients and loves to hear all the compliments. India has noticed that there are quite a few differences in dietary preferences between different cultures and she enjoys the challenge of satisfying them all. Her speciality is the comforting soup that awaits our clients upon their return to shore.


Young Luyanda has very large shoes to fill, but he has taken to his role as our  Movie Man with unrivalled enthusiasm. Luyanda soaked up the training he received, from pre-sea safety to firefighting to movie magic; loving the challenge and the opportunity to prove himself. So when you join us on-board Shark Team, be sure to smile your best Hollywood smile at the friendly young Movie Man with the contagious smile.

I will be introducing you to more of our amazing Shark Team over the next couple of weeks.

To be continued…





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