It takes a whole team to ensure our clients have the best possible experience! Working in an environment where you know your team members have your back does not only create so much confidence but also brings great job satisfaction. Over the next couple of weeks I will introduce you to some of these amazing people I am fortunate to share my days with.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S Truman


Elizabeth, our Operational Manager is herself a scuba diver, successfully bringing together her respect and understanding of sharks and the ocean, with her managerial skills, ensuring our clients get the best possible experience – from the booking process right through.

No effort is ever too much for her! “I love to go that extra sea-mile for people. I like helping people, doing my best to make a plan for them, to satisfy our clients, to solve a problem.”


Mandla came to White Shark Projects quite by chance; to the benefit of the whole team and our clients – he has found his niche working on the boat and with the sharks. He is now a well-qualified shark handler and Dive Master. Mandla runs an educational programme with children from the local schools to create an awareness of marine life, and to educate the community about how important it is to conserve and respect it.


Sandy joined WSP in 2012 and has taken to her role like a fish to water. She strives for cleanliness and happiness. She takes pride in keeping the WSP Lodge sparkling clean and keeping our clients smiling by looking after them pre- and post-sea. Sandy has braved two trips on the boat – the first time she was terrified of the sharks but on her second trip, she thoroughly enjoyed it and even went into the cage.  And now, whenever there is a space on the boat, Sandy begs to jump on!

Stay tuned over the new few weeks as we introduce you to more of our shark crazy team!

To be continued…

White Shark Projects vessel Shark Team launching from Kleinbaai harbour – Photo by Kos Coronaios (Gansbaai & Pearly Beach Horse Trails)

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