It takes a whole team to ensure our clients have the best possible experience! Working in an environment where you know your team members have your back does not only create so much confidence but also brings great job satisfaction. Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to some more of these amazing people I am fortunate to share my days with.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S Truman


Being General Manager of White Shark Projects is no arm-chair task, but Charmaine manages it with seamless precision. Her warm and approachable manner ensures that she has her crew’s loyalty and her unwavering leadership skills ensures that she has her crew’s trust. She sails this ship with confidence and ethics and has overcome many a storm, in typical Charmaine-style, always trying to find the best possible solution. Having been Chairperson of SATSA, Charmaine has invaluable knowledge of the Tourism trade, understanding what our clients seek and how to fulfil their wishes.


Lindsey is our bubbly and enthusiastic Marketing specialist. So gifted is she in her trade, that she would be able to sell sand to desert nomads. She is passionate about representing White Shark Projects and does so with pride. She excels in building lasting business relationships with agents and clients alike. Always keen to network and always professional, White Shark Projects is proud to have Lindsey as part of the ultimate Shark Team.


Stay tuned to meet more of our wonderful Shark Team over the next few weeks….


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