Plastic Pollution

Every year, an estimated 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans. Once there, plastic wreaks havoc on marine life, entangling and being ingested by animals. Tragically and needlessly, 100 million marine animals die each year because of plastic waste. We all have a responsibility to cut down on plastic and recycle whenever possible. We must also reduce our demand for plastic products and only use those that are necessary, such as medical equipment, to reduce overall demand and the amount of new plastic produced annually.

At White Shark Projects we are passionate about sustainability and protecting our planet. To show our commitment to responsible tourism for people and the environment we are proud members of Fair Trade Tourism.  Striving to be a plastic-free ecotourism company goes beyond one month of the year for us, but as part of Plastic-Free July – a global movement encouraging people to ditch plastic for the month of July – we’re sharing with you how we are leading the way to remove single-use plastic from our business.


Single Used Plastic

White Shark Projects itself on being single-use plastic-free throughout our lodge and on our boat.

As part of our plastic-free promise we:

  • White Shark Projects reusable water bottles are supplied on board our boat and are filled with filter water. Clients can use these bottles and if they wish can purchase to take home after the trip
  • Business cards and calendars are purchased via a small business called Growing Paper. The paper can be planted and watered which turns into flowers!
  • Purchase foods such as sugar and flour from two zero waste refill stores in Cape Town – Shop Zero and Nude Foods
  • Source coffee locally from Gansbaai Coffee Company in refillable containers
  • Grow our own organic vegetables such as potatoes, garlic, carrots, butternut and onions, for day clients and swop shop participants using Growbags and RAW seeds
  • Local flowers and plants are sourced from small businesses on the street and instore. For something really special we use Caroline Fine Flowers
  • Use eco-friendly hessian bags for shopping for loose vegetables we don’t grow. We also sell reusable cotton shopping bags and all our staff have been given these to use.
  • Provide environmentally responsible Healing Ocean bathroom products in our facilities – these are also available to purchase in our Lodge
  • Dispense hand sanitizer from stainless steel, refillable containers
  • Supply 100% biodegradable, BPA-free, eco-friendly toilet paper, Güdsheet in our bathroom facilities. Every purchase we make supports the provision of toilet paper and toilets to underprivileged schools and crèches throughout South Africa.
  • Support local and traditional businesses by furnishing our Lodge with locally crafted furniture
  • Sell a range of plastic-free and locally sourced products in our Lodge, such as beautiful wooden jewellery, White Shark Projects reusable coffee cups and repurposed shark artwork

Why Choose us?

Diving with us supports our local community, outreach, and education projects within disadvantaged communities in Gansbaai. These includes our two award-winning recycle Swop Shops in Masakhane and Bloompark. Your dive contributes to the running of our Ocean Defenders Youth Club and regular local beach clean-ups.

Check out our social media for plastic-free swaps you can make to join the movement for a healthier ocean.

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