Gansbaai South Africa

Gansbaai South Africa is a popular tourist attraction, best known for its great white sharks and superb whale watching. It is well worth visiting and there are an array of activities for the adventurous traveller.

Here are some great activities you should experience on your visit to Gansbaai:

Gansbaai South Africa, Great White Shark diving experience with us

White Shark Projects is the most popular option for shark cage diving in Gansbaai.  Since White Sharks Projects has logged the most contacts with Great White Sharks in the world, year in and year out. You may add value items to this once in a lifetime experience. This includes snacks and cold drinks on board, a continental breakfast, dive experience certification, hot soup on your return to the Shark team crew house and talks on White Sharks onboard.

Klipgat caves

Visit the archaeologically important Klipgat Caves just outside De Kelders, Gansbaai South Africa. As well as being spectacular visually, this site is culturally significant as evidence of early modern man was discovered in the caves, dating back 70,000 – 80,000 years ago! There is also a beautiful sandy beach near the caves for those who want to enjoy a family day out.

Explore some of the hiking trails

There are various hiking trails you may explore in Gansbaai, guided or unguided. Platbos Forest, Klipgat, Panorama mountain and the Fynbos trail are some of the popular trails visitors will be able to explore in Gansbaai. Depending on your fitness level, you may opt for a more relaxed hiking trail or a physically challenging one. 

Plant a tree at Platbos Forest

You can easily meander through the Platbos Forest. The forest is situated in the Baviaanspoort Hills on the Grootbos Road, between Stanford and Gansbaai. There are trees older than 1000 years in this Forest and the Trees for tomorrow reforestation project is assisting to protect and restore the forest from the devastating fires. You and your family can plant a gift tree in the forest and name it. 

Gansbaai South Africa – Go for a swim in the Tidal Pool

The Gansbaai tidal pool is the ideal place to cool off with your family. The tidal pool is located on Kus Weg in Perlemoenbaai, between Gansbaai town and De Kelders. There are some great nooks in the rocks where you can snorkel and see some fish. 

Gansbaai South Africa - Klipgut Caves

Klipgut Caves are situated within the Dekelders area of Gansbaai South Africa along the shoreline also famous for its land based whale watching. The caves are accessible via the Walker Bay Nature Reserve which is managed by Cape Nature.

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Published 27th January 2023