White Sharks Are Back!

Last week, White Shark Projects were excited to welcome back one of our favorite Great White Sharks to Gansbaai. The great white shark we know as ‘Mini Nemo’ is an incredible 3.6 metre male that we have been observing from our shark cage diving vessel for at least seven years now. Due to his very distinct right pectoral fin deformity, ‘Mini Nemo’ was fondly named after every marine biologist’s favourite film, Finding Nemo. Historically White Sharks disperse from the Gansbaai region mid to late December usually coming back in mid January. Mini Nemo decided to grace us with his presence this February and we are excited to see him thriving.

Mini Nemo

Last week, ‘Mini Nemo’ was his usual feisty self and gave all of White Shark Projects clients, volunteers and crew some spectacular sightings around our cage diving vessel, Shark Team. We hope to see more of this beautiful shark with a big personality in the coming weeks. Here are a few video clips of ‘Mini Nemo’ from last week:

Female Great White Shark

In addition, we have also had sightings of a large 4.5 metre female great white shark who has also been observed from our cage diving vessel on a number of occasions over the years. Everyone was in awe of how graceful this large shark was around the boat.

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Written by Georgina Vermeulen
Marine Biologist at White Shark Projects

Published 24th February 2020