You can’t get around it these days, plastic is everywhere. There are many articles telling you about how harmful plastic can be for this planet. But what can you actually do to make a change? Below is information on just 8 easy ways you can reduce plastic usage in your daily lives. Remember, your effort to reduce plastic doesn’t have to be perfect, every bit helps!

1. Bamboo toothbrush

This is an easy item to replace the plastic toothbrush with. The handle of the toothbrush is made out of bamboo and is 100% biodegradable. The only part that is not biodegradable are the brush hairs. But like said before, every bit helps. You can find them in online stores, drugstores and sometimes even in supermarkets.

2. Shampoo bar

Shampoo bars have been getting really popular over the last couple of years. The reason why is because there is no plastic packaging, and usually they last longer then shampoo from a plastic bottle (some shampoo bars last op to 3 times longer!). Some brands of shampoo bars use only vegetarian of vegan ingredients, that come from a sustainible source (Lush Cosmetics).

3. Paper plates / use what you have

Instead of buying plastic cutlery for all the guests at your birthday party, think twice. Why use plastic when you can also choose for paper plates and use the cutler that you already have. It might be more work to clean after later, but knowing that you chose to ditch plastic makes cleaning up way better!

4. Go to bulk stores

Sadly, not every country has these stores but if there a bulk store close to you, try it! Bulk stores try to avoid plastic packaging as much as possible. Most of the time you can bring your own glass jars to put your products in, which means plastic free shopping. A lot of times you will see that the products they sell are local products making the carbon footprint much lower.

5. Wooden dish brush

You can find these in most grocery stores. It’s an easy alternative for the plastic dish brushes. If the brush is worn out, you can replace just the brush and keep the same handle. Most of the time the handle and the top of the brush are made out of Beechwood, and the brush hairs are made out of tamico fibre. This makes the brush almost a  100% biodegradable (you can recycle the steel parts).

6. Soap bars

Ditch the plastic soap dispensers! It has been proven in several studies that soap bars do not transfer germs to the skin when it has already been used. You can buy different types of soap dishes. The most environmental friendly ones are made out of wood, glass or different types of stone. If you want to take a step extra, make sure the soap you buy is only plant based.

7. Wooden earbuds / reusable earbuds

Although it is advised to not use earbuds at all, if you do make sure you buy ones made out of wood or reusable ones. The rod of the reusable earbud is made out of nylon, the tips are made out of TPE material and the case is made out of PLA, a corn based material (LastSwab). It’s a good alternative for singe use earbuds, because you can clean it with water and soap and use it again!

8. Beeswax wraps

You can use these wraps to replace plastic food package with. The beeswax wraps are made out of a coated fabric and when they are worn out it can be composted. They are not only used for packing food but also for food preservation. Beeswax wraps are breathable which allows the food to stay fresh for a longer time.


Just trying to reduce plastic is a great step! It is important to not take our ocean for granted and to realise it gives us so much.

Written by Anouk Miseras