One of Planet Earth’s ancient and seemingly invincible apex predators, the Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) has made headlines and struck fear into the heart of many a lesser mortal over the centuries.

However, being sensationally depicted as an indiscriminate killing machine, this has led to their survival being unfairly persecuted and threatened.

Thankfully, research and education is changing opinions by revealing the vital role that the Great White Sharks play in maintaining the health of our oceans. In addition, the ongoing discoveries of their unique characteristics help them garner increased respect worldwide. It’s difficult not to be intrigued by a gigantic sentient torpedo, which has backup reserves of razor edged teeth lined up in rows.

That’s where we come in. By being in the field and providing the necessary facilities and resources to observe the Great White Shark in its natural environment, White Shark Projects gathers data which is crucial to understanding and supporting their conservation, in addition to providing improved public education and positive close range engagement. As the most successful operation globally, White Shark Projects has logged the most contacts with Great White Sharks in the world, year in and year out. We pride ourselves on our rate of contact and ongoing contribution to the conservation of the species and their environment.