In the previous blog I shared with you just a handful of activities to do around South Africa’s Overberg region from the animal side of things. The Overberg displays spectacular beauty with its rolling hills, mountains, valleys and dramatic coastlines… So this week, I am sharing some of the great activities for experiencing those breathtaking natural sights.

Quad Biking

SA Forest Adventures in Hermanus have a range of exciting activities for the adrenaline seeker, including ziplining, paintballing and sandboarding. However, their quad biking trails take you up the mountain where you can observe the unique vegetation and get some jaw dropping views of Hermanus and Walker Bay from the look-out points.

Feeling adventurous? Visit the SA Forest Adventures website.

Flower Valley Farm

Flower Valley Farm near Gansbaai is so stunning it almost made me want to change professions… This beautiful and very tranquil landscape is a perfect example of the Cape Floral Kingdom’s unique and diverse fynbos ecosystem. The farm is home to the incredible Flower Valley Conservation Trust who work to conserve the vulnerable fynbos habitat and also protect peoples livelihoods that depend on it.

Visit the Flower Valley Farm website for information on guided hikes through the luxurious fynbos covered mountains.

Cape Agulhas

The southernmost tip of the African Continent is situated at Cape Agulhas. As well as this, the International Hydrographic Organization has also determined the area to be the meeting point for the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. Cape Agulhas offers some impressive scenery with its rugged and dramatic coastline. In addition, some historical sites are found here such as the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse and the remains of the Meisho Maru Shipwreck.

For directions and more information contact Cape Agulhas Tourism Bureau.

Franskraal Mountain

For the hiking enthusiast, I recommend taking a stroll up Franskraal Mountain in Gansbaai. It takes around 1.5 hours to reach the peak but once there you can expect astonishing views across the whole bay. You can even spot the infamous Shark Alley from the top of the mountain which you will see situated between two islands (Dyer Island and Geyser Rock). For those love birds out there…. You will even find Panorama Nature’s Haven wedding venue at the bottom of the mountain which is perfect for those who want a nature inspired wedding in amongst mountains and ocean views.

Inspired? Visit the Panorama Nature’s Haven website for more information on the location. 

River Rat Boat Cruise

For a peaceful day enjoying the Overberg landscape, why not take a cruise down the Klein River, Stanford with River Rat Boat Cruises. This is a great activity for a group of people who want to relax while exploring the beauty of the river and rolling hills of Stanford. There is even a braai on board and a toilet with a view!

So contact River Rat Boat Cruise if you would like to enjoy the peacefulness of Klein River in Stanford. 

These are literally just a few of the nature inspired activities there are in the Overberg. As well as having the most amazing landscape, the region is home to some of the most diverse plant and animal species in the World. It is truly an extraordinary area for any nature enthusiast to visit.

Start planning your nature inspired adventure – visit the Overberg.

Written by Georgina Vermeulen
Marine Biologist at White Shark Projects

Published 20th April 2020

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