I am going to try my utmost best to write a message without using ‘that word’ that stopped our lives as we knew it with a very bold and certain full stop.

Here in Gansbaai the Shark Team Members have accepted the Lockdown conditions our country has implemented, and are calmly, although some with serious ocean withdrawal symptoms, staying at home.

With all this time on our hands, we have started dreaming…. And when you put the dreams of 18 Conservationists, Shark Devotees, Adventurists and all round Life Enthusiasts together, it gets exhilarating!

Until it is safe for you to travel again, we will share our dreams with you, dreams of being out on the ocean again, of exploring the natural beauty around, sliding down dunes on Fat bikes, riding into the sunset on Horse back. Our dreams of being underwater, of hiking up a mountain, of tasting wine, sampling local cuisine… Our dreams of being with each other, our dream of having you with us, showing you our world….

Let’s Dream….

Charmaine Beukes


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